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Grüß Gott! as we say here in Munich.    UKxFlagge25px.jpg

My name is Manuela Merl, my maiden name was Schellkopf. I am a freelance artist and a native of Munich, born in 1971, shortly before the Olympic Games were held. I am imaginative in many respects. My friends have always told me: "You're a creative all-rounder, that's for sure": As a child, I started with painting, photography and writing short stories. After completing my commercial training and starting work, I studied painting, at first painting in traditional water colours. I later started on abstract painting, which gave me great satisfaction. Over time I learnt about many other things on my own, by visiting museums, attending art auctions and reading books. I developed my own style with these activities. I gained more experience with my own exhibitions and public appearances. My artistic inclinations were occasionally expressed in the theatre. If you have ever acted on the stage, you'll know how addictive it can be.

Several exhibitions of my photography and painting work were held in Germany and abroad. I have written for and collaborated on 5 books and other types of media, and am an established member of the Pasinger Archive. My greatest wish is to be a marketing consultant for your company or event. Take advantage of the unusual ideas I have to offer, both for private and company projects. I have been working successfully as a stock photographer since 2015, and am currently establishing a portfolio with an agency.

In 2017 I successfully published my first anthology "Lebkuchen ans Hirn" with funny stories, in 2019 followed another one with the title "Bockige Münzzwerge". In 2021, the third fun anthology "Systemrelevanter Stinkekäse" came. All volumes with funny everyday stories and pranks in and around my hometown Munich. In 2022 I published my biography "Randfigur - das war einmal". Although I'm partly self-publisher, every book it´s in the local bookstore.

What can I do for you?

Paint? Write? Take photographs? Design postcards? Document your life story or edit your photos? I have lots of creative ideas for all spheres of life!

Do you need any artistic inspiration for company events or private parties? Would you like to share your experiences with another artist?

Please use my contact form. I would be pleased to assist you.

Wishing you a happy day,

best regards,

Manuela Merl